About Me


I'm an iOS software developer & designer focused on carefully crafted products. Previously an UNIX system engineer doing cool stuff with Ruby /on Rails. Still doing back-end stuff on Amazon Web Services, however I am now giving a try to Erlang.

Curious therefore reading about everything. I like to get ideas from other fields and use different mental models to better understand the world. I love craftsmanship, essentialism and focus in life.

Currently working on a range of iOS Apps and products focusing on productivity and personal growth.

About this blog

This blog is where the thoughts and things which I think are interesting to share goes. There is no specific topic, it is as broad as my readings.

A Book recommendation section will be added later on as my blog involve. Because books are the only shortcut in life, you can’t shortcut practice.

You can follow me on Twitter or contact me by email.

The blog is my very first Erlang project (this is how you learn a new language right? by writing a blog engine). The blog is currently powered by CommonMark files hosted on Amazon S3.

Totally not production ready but real artists ship ;)